Amethyst Tree
Amethyst Tree
Amethyst Tree
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5mm Design - Rock Crystals Collection
Amethyst Tree 
  • Rock crystal decorative object.
  • Brass sculptural details and marble base.
  • Natural Amethyst Stone
  • Each Amethyst stone shard is unique and differs in colour vibrancy and shape.
  • Materials: Natural Amethyst, Brass coloured Steel, Marble.
  • 2 Size Options: Short and Medium.
  • Short size dimensions: Approx W12 D10 H33cm.
  • Tall size dimensions: Approx W12 D12 H46cm.
  • Top interior design trend.
  • Trendy designer gift for luxury homes.
  • Natural stone ornament.
  • Small - Medium size sculpture for styling coffee tables, shelves, niches and console tables.

Part of our Natural Crystal Forest Collection, the Amethyst Tree is a trendy home decor that will add colour pop and healing energy in any room. The beautiful Purple Amethyst shard is presented on gold painted steel twigs and a black marble base. 

Please note that due to the nature of Rock Crystals, each Amethyst Shard is unique and dimensions might slightly differ from displayed information.