Royal Ascot Horse Themed Home Accessories - 5mm Design

Royal Ascot - Horse Themed Home Accessories & Sculptures by 5mm Design

It is time for one of the leading horse racing events in the world, The Royal Ascot. It is no secret that horses are a favourite theme when it comes to curating our Luxury Home Accessories & Furniture Collections- just visit our 5mm Design Store on Great Portland Street, Central London and you will see our giant Driftwood Horse in the shop window.

Giant Driftwood Horse - Retail Design Shop Window - 5mm Design Store London

To celebrate this British summer event, we have prepared a selection of our favourite horse themed products. We will start off with our signature Bronze Sculptures, which are driven by our concept of Luxury-Made-Affordable. These decorative sculptures are made from resin and copper plated to give the cast bronze look.

Horse Bronze Sculptures - Luxury Home Accessories - 5mm Design Store London

The designs include smaller scale Decorative Objects; Jokey Sculpture, Racing Horses Sculpture and Horse Family Sculpture. They are ideal for display units interior styling and will fit into any home accessories collection.

The larger scale sculptures include the Horse Head, Abstract Horse Head, Medium Horse Head and the Rearing Horse Sculptures. These are ideal for creating a focal point in interior designs.

Wire Horse Sculpture - Luxury Home Accessories - 5mm Design Store London

An alternative option to the classic bronze sculptures are our Wire Horses. These sculptures are made from metal wires and will compliment contemporary interior design schemes.

Hermes Horse Cushions - Luxury Soft Furnishings - 5mm Design Store London

We continue our horse theme into our Soft Furnishings Collection which include our Luxury Hermes Cushions. The Horse Jacquard Cushion features a classic Hermes Horse embroidery and the Harness Illustration Cushion features an artwork that contains elements of horse harnesses. The rich colours and mix of patterns will add a luxury quality to interior design schemes and will turn a house into a cosy home.

We carry the horse theme into our Luxury Barware Collection. The Horse Shot Glasses Set is a perfect gift for Royal Ascot and Polo fans. The glasses and jug feature case bronze horse head detailing and high grade crystal glass.

We saved the best for last with our exclusive Fine Art Photography prints. The Upper Glasses is a limited edition black & white fine art photograph print by British photographer Arthur Steel.  The Photography was taken in 1977 at the grandstand at Royal Ascot. This exclusive original art will add a touch of luxury humour to interior design schemes.

We hope you enjoy the Royal Ascot weekend celebrations. You can shop our Luxury Home Accessories, Sculptures, Wall Art and Furniture Collection on our 5mm Design Online Store or visit our 5mm Design Shop on Great Portland Street, Fitzrovia, London.


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