Glass Coffee Table Styling - 5mm Interior Design Guide

Glass Coffee Table Styling – 5mm Interior Design Guide

We pay great attention to details when styling our 5mm Interior Design projects. Home Accessories & Décor have a direct impact on how we perceive a space. Decorative Objects, Sculptures, Soft Furnishings, Books and Wall Art can transform a room and evoke emotions, and the large variety available can make it an intimidating selection.

In this interior design guide, we will share our tips for styling one of the most important furniture pieces in interior design, coffee tables. Coffee tables act as a centre point for any seating arrangement, independent of the shape and size of the space. In larger spaces, multiple coffee tables reflect multiple seating arrangements which shapes the spatial plan of the room.

Coffee tables come in all shapes, sizes and material combinations. In this interior styling guide, we will focus on glass and Perspex coffee tables.

When it comes to styling our projects, we tend to keep the coffee table styling to a minimum. There is no need to add sculptures and statement pieces to the table as that will often overwhelm the space and distract from the ambiance of the room.

Glass Coffee Table Styling - Interior Design Guide - 5mm Design Store London

In our London Mayfair Apartment Project, we used a Ralph Lauren Home inspired two-tier glass coffee table with polished chrome frame. The styling for this table was directly influenced by its surroundings. The bespoke display unit that was fully accessorised with bespoke sculptures and home accessories meant that the coffee table surface was left clear to not fight with the decorative objects of the display unit. Instead, we focused on the lower level of the coffee table to add volume and mood lighting. We stacked fashion & design books and placed tea light candles to add depth and mood.

Taschen Fashion & Design Books - Home accessories & Decor - 5mm Design Store London

We recommend the following Fashion and Design titles: Gisele, Fashion Designers A-Z, Issey Miyake and Hadid.

Cavendish Square Apartment - Residential Interior Design - 5mm Design Store London

In our Cavendish Square Apartment Project, we took a similar approach and focused on using coffee table books as a feature with small accent decorative objects to add depth.

Naomi Campbell - Taschen Collector's Edition Book - 5mm Design Store London

We recommend investing in a Collector’s Edition book as the focus and compliment it with art and design titles. Our Naomi Campbell Book is the perfect collector’s art that will be a conversation starter for any party.

We hope this guide has given you an interior design inspiration to style your home. You can shop our Luxury Home Accessories, Sculptures, Wall Art & Furniture Collections online or visit our 5mm Design Store on Great Portland Street, London.


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