Creative Photoshoot Collaboration - 5mm Design & Top Floor Rugs

Luxury Home Accessories & Furniture Feature - 5mm Design Store London

We have had the pleasure of working with Top Floor Rugs for their catalogue of their new rugs collection.

Working directly with the creative director of the photoshoot, we chose products from our 5mm Design Luxury Home Accessories & Furniture collections to compliment the beautiful rug designs by Esti Barnes.

Pebbles Candle Holder- Home Accessories & Decor - 5mm Design Store London

 The first photograph features our Pebbles Candle Holder Set and the Elba Rug. The Black Chrome pebbles detail from the candle holders compliment the organic design of the rug.

 You can shop our Candle Holders Collection on our online store. 

Agate Slices - Luxury Home Accessories & Decor - 5mm Design Store London

The second photograph features our genuine Agate Rock Slices and the Fragments Rug. The conceptual fragmented design ties in with the details and look of our Agate slices. 

Agate Slices on Brass Stands - Luxury Home Accessories & Decor - 5mm Design Store LondonOur 5mm Design Agate Collection is presented in two designs, Agate on Tall Nest and Agate on Low Nest. The nests are solid brass and represent a bird nest to reflect the delicate value of the Agate rock slices.

Brass Bird on Rock - Luxury Home Accessories & Decor - 5mm Design Store London

The third photograph features both colour ways of our Bird on High Rock and the Amber Rug. The Ombré glossy base gives the look of a bleached aged rock. This concept compliments the design of the rug. 

Copper Table & Vases - Luxury Home Accessories & Furniture - 5mm Design Store London

The final photograph features our Large Copper Mirc Side Table and our Copper Bottles. The two collections are paired with the Ebony and Ivory Rug. The Cross detail of the side table base compliments the cross pattern of the rug. The Copper Bottles add depth to the photo as they pick up the faded tones of the rug.

You can shop our Furniture and Luxury Decorative Objects Collection on our online store or visit our London based 5mm Design Store.

We love working with other creative designers and stylists. If you are interested in using our home accessories and furniture for a promotional photoshoot, please email


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