Choosing Cushions - 5mm Interior Design Guide

Luxury Cushion design - Soft Furnishing and Home Accessories - 5mm Interior Design Guide

Soft furnishings are an essential element of interior design. Choosing Cushions and Throws can present a challenge to customers, especially when mixing patterns.  

We will share our tips to choosing Home Soft Furnishings, specifically Cushions, for Living Room Designs.

Mixing patterns and colours will always add a touch of fun to interior design schemes, However, it can lose its luxurious feeling easily. The key to successfully mixing patterns is the quality of fabrics that are used.

We recommend investing in top quality cushions that feature luxurious patterns and prints. Our 5mm Design Cushions Collection feature colourful illustrations and jacquard techniques using super brand Hermes fabrics. The prints are off balanced with luxurious solid coloured cotton velvets and pure wool fabrics to create the ultimate luxury feel.

Living Room Design - Soft Furnishings & Home Accessories - 5mm Interior Design Guide

Don’t be afraid of keeping one colour story throughout your soft furnishings. In our Marble Arch Project, we created a strong visual effect by mixing a full range of different colour pallets from our 5mm Design Cushions- Burgundy, Mustards, Greys and Ambers. This added a warm autumnal feeling to the Living Room design.

Shop our full range of Cushions & Throws and Luxury Home Accessories on our 5mm Design online store.

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