Welcome to 5mm Design Store

After a very intense few weeks filled with stress, sweat and tears, we are finally live! It has been a difficult but enjoyable experience to make this project happen.
 The idea of 5mm Store came about from my experience of running 5mm interior design projects. I often found it hard to source accessories that correspond to my taste and design style, are in stock and at a reasonable price point. I carried on an extensive research and travelled the world to source beautiful items and build relations with trusted suppliers.  
Fast forward 5 months, against all odds, I managed to bring the project to life and open 5mm’s first ever retail store. The concept is very close to my heart as it reflects my design aesthetic. I am just very thankful to the special people who supported me throughout this experience, you know who you are.
 I hope you enjoy this store as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

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